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Lizzo criticized for her diet, the singer strikes back

Close to her fans, Lizzo has however decided to call them to order in a story posted on Instagram this Monday, December 14. Due, reviews aimed at a detox diet which the singer is a follower of and which she shared with her subscribers on social networks. “If you are doing something for your health, people expect you to do it for dramatic weight loss. And you don’t,” she said up front. If the interpreter of Boys has resorted to detox juices, it is especially to cure his excesses of a particularly trying month of November. “I drank a lot, I ate a lot of spicy things and things that made my stomach ache,” she said. Proud, real name Melissa Vivian Jefferson said that her mental and physical health as well as her sleep have improved after this detox diet.

And to remind: “I am a big girl (…) I had exactly what I wanted and every big girl should do what she wants with her body.” Explanations. By revealing her detox diet to the public, Lizzo had drawn the wrath of the Internet, some believing that she was giving in to the pressure of beauty diktats and grossophobia. Because since his appearance on the front of the stage, the artist has assumed his curves, encouraging his audience to do the same. “I’m so disappointed that Lizzo is promoting detox juice,” “promoting a detox diet culture is irresponsible,” commented many netizens. Yet other anonymous recalled that the 32-year-old singer had all rights to her body.

Critics that are debating on the Web

“Lizzo has always been a black woman who was also fat and therefore chose to love herself out loud, not someone who was engaged in the liberation of fat people on her behalf”, recalled an anonymous among so many ‘other. Same story with other members of the Twittosphere. “As soon as a fat woman becomes popular, we attach the label of the body positive to her. She has never asked for anything (…) perfection is expected of her 24/7”, added journalist Dan Hastings. And critics continue to debate on the Web. “It shows above all that there are so few big ‘figures’ that people mythologize the rare celebrities concerned, and see in them what the media cannot do”, also analyzes journalist Jennifer Padjemi. In other words, his body, his choice.

Criticized from all sides ©

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