In the wake of his wife Liz Truss, favorite data of the succession of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is a happy husband, discreet but solid on whom the current British Foreign Secretary can rest, Hugh O’Leary.

Hugh O’Leary: faithful companion since 1997 of Liz Truss

While she is regularly compared to Margaret Tatcher, Liz Truss knew how to tame her accountant husband, whom she met in 1997 at the Conservative Party conference. Shortly after, young Liz invited Hugh O’Leary on a “date” that neither of them will soon forget: “I invited him to ice skate and he s sprained her ankle,” she told You magazine about their first date. In 2020, the two lovers were married and Liz Truss thanked the London School of Economics, from which her husband graduated, saying “Whenever I want a late night discussion on supply-side reform or the econometrics, there is always someone at hand”.

Despite the turmoil that their couple experienced in 2006, when Liz Truss’ relationship with former Conservative MP Mark Field was made public, the couple managed to overcome this situation, Hugh O’Leary being careful not to do any comments on the subject. Together, Liz Truss and her husband had two daughters, Frances born in 2006 and Liberty born in 2008, whose mother regularly posts pictures on her Instagram account. Strong of 22 years of marriage, Hugh O’Leary and Liz Truss know that they can count on each other, a strong support in the race at 10 Dowing Street.

Liz Truss: who is her husband Hugh O'Leary?

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