Stuck in Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth II of England, 96, will soon have to appoint a new prime minister to replace Boris Johnson. While there is still speculation about the location of the appointment and the traditional audience, there are also questions about who the Queen will appoint. Liz Truss could soon be the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, according to the Mirror article of August 3, 2022. Nevertheless, the British media also reminds in this article that the career of Mrs. Truss has not been completely exempt of scandals.

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The Mirror recalls that Liz Truss had an extramarital affair with another Conservative MP. But despite this affair, Liz Truss’ marriage survived. The appointment of the new Prime Minister will take place on September 6. Liz Truss is a Conservative Party candidate. She “tries to present herself as an ideal candidate for the post of Prime Minister, but she has been caught up in a personal scandal in the past”, specifies the Mirror. It is worth remembering that Mrs Truss is married to Hugh O’Leary. Hugh O’Leary and Liz Truss married in 2000. They met at the Conservative Party Conference in 1997.

Liz Truss: an 18-month affair with a Conservative MP

Liz Truss’ affair with Mark Field, the Tory MP at the time, lasted 18 months. The affair ended in 2005. “Truss met Field around the year 2000, when she was 25 and already making waves in the party. Field was appointed as her political mentor in an effort to foster her career,” says the Mirror. Mark Field is divorcing his wife after a 12-year marriage when the scandal came to light. The couple of Truss and O’Leary, meanwhile, survived. They are currently parents to two daughters, Liberty and Frances.

Liz Truss: what scandal did her marriage resist?

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