Both have the same surname, but Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56, are unrelated. And yet, now, everything unites them. The first is a criminal known to be extremely violent and the second is a prison administration official who allowed him to dress up! This incredible escape took place on April 29, at the prison in Florence, Alabama.

At 9:30 a.m., Vicky White, a fifty-year-old blonde who had never been talked about, except for good things, introduces herself to Casey White’s guardians and explains that her mission is to bring him to the court for a psychological evaluation. Convinced of his good faith, these colleagues “forget” that prisoners must always be taken care of by a pair of prison officers when they leave prison. At this precise moment, everything seems to prove them right: the surveillance cameras film Vicky White making the detainee, handcuffed and handcuffed, climb into a police car… But the vehicle will never arrive in court.

After twenty years of good and loyal service, Vicky was due to retire shortly.

After driving for a few minutes, Vicky and Casey pull up to a mall parking lot, where they get into another car. When the disappearance of the prisoner and his guardian is reported, six hours later, the fugitives are already far away. The investigators discover that they were seen during the day about forty kilometers from the penitentiary center, before disappearing into the wild. And Vicky’s alleged complicity causes amazement among the prison officers.

“Vicky White is an exemplary employee who has had a completely normal career. Her co-workers, sheriff’s office workers and members of the court all have the utmost respect for her,” Sheriff Rick Singleton told CNN. Widowed without children, Vicky then lived with her mother and not far from her brothers. After twenty years of good and loyal service, she was due to retire soon and was talking about settling down by the sea. Casey White, on the other hand, has a much less recommendable profile. Aged 38, this colossus of 2.06 m had been charged with murder in September 2020 for having stabbed, in an unprecedented surge of violence, a 58-year-old woman in 2015. When he confessed to the crime, he was already serving a 75-year sentence for “kidnapping”, “burglary” and “attempted murder”.

“Casey White is not a man to be manipulated. He was in prison for murder and has nothing to lose”

Last February, he was transferred to Florence prison, where he met his namesake and, in all likelihood, formed a special bond with her. “They had a special relationship. There is no evidence of a physical relationship, but the other prisoners complained and denounced the privileges he enjoyed. other largesse granted by Vicky”, explained the sheriff, who refuses for the moment to pronounce on his guilt.

We cannot confirm with certainty that she helped him escape. Until we prove otherwise, we will continue to consider the hypothesis that she was forced to do so. But even if she is involved, she is in danger. Casey White is not a man to be manipulated. He was in prison for murder and has nothing to lose,” added Rick Singleton, also recalling that the prisoner is a giant who weighs over 110 kg. “Vicky White was armed when they left prison and he was able to recover his weapon”, specifies the sheriff, just as worried as the mother of the agent. “I cannot imagine that she facilitated this escape, confided the latter to WAAY TV. At first I thought there was a mistake. When I was provided with the elements of the investigation, I was stunned. We don’t know what really happened or if Vicky is totally involved or under control. We just want her back,” added the grieving mom.

On May 2, the fugitives were spotted by authorities as they left a hotel

Unfortunately, she will never see her daughter again. On May 2, the fugitives were spotted by authorities as they were leaving a hotel. Chased by the police, their vehicle ended up being immobilized. Arrested while driving, the inmate was arrested alive, but Vicky, who was in the passenger seat, was found seriously injured. She would have shot herself in the head. Taken to hospital, she died of her injury. Some suggest that Vicky and Casey planned everything. A month before the escape, Vicky had sold her house for $100,000 and emptied her bank accounts. Perhaps she dreamed of a new life with her prisoner? But their mad escape only lasted about ten days.

LIVED. He drags his prison guard on his run, she won't survive it


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