Little boy borders on drama, awe-inspiring discovery made in his stomach

It was the parents of the little rascal who realized the problem, by analyzing his stool. Much too dark – sign of bleeding – they also hid funny small objects. And the medical examinations were able to prove it very quickly: inside the little boy’s stomach were more than 200 small magnetic balls.

The operation is intended to be delicate. As 20 Minutes underlines, the beads could have attached themselves to each other and lead to perforations in the esophagus and stomach, among others. “This kind of situation can lead to severe peritonitis,” said the pediatric surgeon in charge of the little boy. To avoid any problems, the team of the Moscow National Research Institute of Pediatric Emergency Surgery decided to remove them endoscopically. Far too numerous to be subtracted at one time, the marbles were carefully removed four by four. After the two hour long operation, a total of 209 beads were recovered.

Other children operated on in recent months

The case of this little boy is far from isolated. Still in Russia, a medical team had to remove 30 magnetic beads from the stomach of a three-year-old boy last January. A month later, a 9-year-old girl also had to be operated on after ingesting a dozen magnetic beads while filming a TikTok video.

Also several months ago, a similar affair broke out in the UK when a young autistic boy swallowed 54 magnets in an attempt to become magnetic and attract metal objects. But surgeons recall, “If a child swallows a ball, it doesn’t matter. But if he swallows two or more, then they can attach to each other and cause wall damage. intestinal obstruction or peritonitis. ” So be careful to watch out for the little gourmets!

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