A lie that will perhaps cost him dearly. The 17-year-old girl named Lisa P, who mysteriously disappeared when she went jogging in Mayenne, said the story of her kidnapping was finally made up. At first, the high school student mentioned the existence of several kidnappers during her first statements to the police. The prosecutor of the Republic of Laval had therefore indicated that the investigation, initially opened for “worrying disappearance”, had been reclassified as “kidnapping and forcible confinement”. Her first hearing told this story: she had been kidnapped by two individuals who were riding in a green van while jogging. She then said that she managed to free herself before taking refuge in a kebab where she was found.

While the gendarmes noticed inconsistencies, they decided to do a second hearing, to help them in their investigation. During the latter, which occurred this Friday, November 12, the teenager retraced her steps, saying that her injuries were “of accidental origin” and that she had “not been removed”. A shocking statement for the investigators, mobilized for several days. “She would have particularly torn his t-shirt with scissors,” said the prosecutor. Currently supported by her parents who have been informed of her statements, the young girl will be the subject of a procedure for denunciation of an imaginary offense. Facts punishable by six months in prison and a 7,500 euros fine.

A trauma related to a burglary?

An investigation to define his personality is now open to try to find an explanation for his behavior. So comes the time to understand why such an invention. First, the investigators will try to find out where this young girl, who therefore seems psychologically fragile, spent the 24 hours when she was supposed to be kidnapped. Then remains the reason for this lie. A fugue? The desire to attract attention? According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the young woman admitted that she had remained traumatized from a previous assault. This allegedly took place during a burglary that allegedly occurred in 2019, at his home in Saint-Brice. The high school student explained to the gendarmes that she was alone at home at the time of the facts, and had come face to face with the thieves, who would have jostled her.

Investigators will now inquire into this affair, and verify if it could have resulted in a psychological disturbance strong enough to trigger all this commotion. Lisa’s parents have also been questioned in order to help police understand Leyr’s daughter’s personality. A psychiatric expertise was logically ordered pending a new hearing. One thing is certain: secrets will still be revealed.

What is the jogger at risk? © Pexels

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