This is apparently not the first time Lisa has been unclear with the police. This Friday, November 13, the teenager, who had initially declared to have been the victim of an abduction by two individuals during her usual jogging before having managed to escape, reconsidered her statements. The teenager finally said her injuries were “accidental” and that she had “not been removed”. The prosecutor in charge of the case announced that the girl will be the subject of a procedure for “denunciation of imaginary offense”. Facts punishable by six months in prison and a 7,500 euros fine.

And to make matters worse, while digging through their archives, the police discovered that it was not the first time that Lisa had dealt with them. And this in a suspicious manner. According to the newspaper Le Parisien, during her hearing, the young girl spoke of a trauma that had arisen during a previous assault. This would have taken place in 2019, at his home located in the city of Saint-Brice. The high school student explained that she was there alone and that she had come face to face with … two burglars. The latter would have jostled her before fleeing.

A burglary invented in 2019?

And during her hearing, Lisa would have drawn a composite portrait of a suspect that corresponded in every way to the description of one of her high school friends. The teenager had therefore been heard by the police before being exonerated, for lack of evidence. The investigators logically ask themselves the following questions: if this turns out to be true, could this story constitute a significant enough psychological disturbance to push her to invent the story of her kidnapping? Or was it not already the beginnings of a tendency to fabricate?

Pending a new hearing, which may be in the form of police custody, a psychological expertise has been ordered by the courts. “I am obviously very surprised and sad for her and her parents. I don’t know what went through her mind but I hope that despite the noise caused by this whole thing, she can rebuild herself quickly,” he said. mayor of the city, André Boisseau. One thing is certain: we have not finished hearing about this case.

A testimony called into question © Pexels

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