The marriage of singer Michael Jackson and rockstar Lisa Marie Presley, who died on January 12, 2023, was described at the time as “showmance”, a union simply to create buzz. Only, in a 2003 interview, found by Mirror magazine, Elvis Presley’s daughter said she thought she could be the one to save him. Because indeed, in 1994, many accusations of pedophilia against the singer become public, and above all manage to change the behavior of Michael Jackson. It was at this precise moment that Lisa Marie Presley fell in love with the King of Pop with a very specific intention: to save him.

During this interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Lisa Marie Presley confided that Michael Jackson had contacted her at the time, but that she had replied that she was not interested, and already in a relationship. Then the years passed, and in 1994, following several accusations of pedophilia brought to light, the singer became very emotionally dependent on Lisa Marie Presley, and it was from this moment that she began to worry about him. They will marry very quickly, on May 26, 1994. She confided, in 2003, that after numerous conversations with Michael Jackson, she had seen the real person hiding behind the artist and the character he wanted to show. Yet accused of child abuse as well as pedophilia, his companion at the time was convinced that everything was wrong, and wanted to help him get out of this bad patch. “I think he did nothing wrong and he was wrongfully accused and yes, I started falling in love with him. I wanted to save him. I felt like I could do it.” . A marriage that will end in 1996 because of the singer’s drug addiction, but their couple will finally resist until 2000 outside marriage.

A shocking book at 4 million dollars

Ten years after Michael Jackson’s death, his former wife Lisa Marie Presley revealed to Page Six magazine in 2019 that she was preparing a “shock” book about their relationship. While their relationship has always been widely criticized and suspected of being false, Elvis Presley’s daughter wanted to restore the truth about her relationship, and about the singer himself. A book that will never come out. Lisa Marie Presley announced that she had sold this “shock” book on her former husband and her father for the sum of 4 million dollars to the publishing house Gallery Books. Shocking details, private life, marriages, childhood and unpublished news, Lisa Marie Presley had caused a huge buzz by announcing this project.

Lisa Presley wanted to "save" Michael Jackson through their marriage


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