It was at Graceland that Lisa Marie Presley’s relatives gathered to pay their last respects to the King’s only daughter, who died on January 12. The singer breathed her last in a Los Angeles hospital where she had been rushed after a series of illnesses. By choosing Graceland for her final resting place, her family reunited her with her eldest son, Benjamin Keough, who also died prematurely before reaching his thirties. Lisa Marie Presley leaves behind a daughter, Riley, sister of Benjamin, and twins, Finley and Harper, born of her previous marriage to guitarist Michael Lockwood.

Riley Keough surprised the congregation present at Graceland this Sunday by having her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, read a speech written by him, revealing in passing that Lisa Marie Presley was the grandmother of a very young girl . “I hope you could love my daughter as you loved me, as you loved my brother and my sisters, confides the eldest of the Presleys to her mother. Thank you for having given me my strength, my heart, my empathy, my courage, my sense of humor, my manners, my character, my flamboyance, my tenacity I am the product of your heart, my sisters are the product of your heart, my brother is the product of your heart .” Riley Keough did not reveal more about the King’s great-granddaughter.

What legacy does Lisa Marie Presley leave to her children?

With nearly 40 million dollars earned each year, the Elvis Presley brand provides the King’s descendants with more than respectable income. Her only daughter certainly leaves behind Graceland, but also a mountain of debt. Our colleagues from the Daily Mail thus reveal that Lisa Marie Presley had “only” 95,000 dollars left in her current accounts in addition to 700,000 dollars in stocks and bonds. Above all, there is a debt of one million dollars owed to the American tax authorities. What happened to the King’s fortune which amounted to 100 million dollars 30 years ago? Gossips point to the interference of Lisa Marie Presley who in 2018 accused her adviser of lies and embezzlement on the situation of her heritage.

Lisa Marie Presley grandmother of a very granddaughter, surprise revelation in the middle of the ceremony

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