Only daughter of the American legend Elvis Presley, resulting from the union of her father with Priscilla Wagner Beaulieu, Lisa Marie Presley died on Thursday January 12, 2023, at the age of 54. The one who was in a relationship with singer Michael Jackson, and Hollywood star Nicolas Cage, suffered a cardiac arrest that day. Lisa Marie Presley was found unresponsive in her home in Los Angeles. The news of his disappearance came as a real shock, given that the public had spotted him just hours earlier at the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony. During it, comedian Austin Butler won the trophy for Best Actor for his performance as Elvis Presley.

Lisa Marie Presley was buried alongside her illustrious father in the garden of Graceland, which is none other than the mythical residence of the late singer located in Memphis. In order to pay tribute to her mother, Riley Keough, the eldest daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, published a magnificent archive photo on her Instagram account on Friday January 20, 2023. Internet users were able to discover Elvis Presley’s daughter alongside his little girl sharing a tender moment of complicity. As a legend, Riley Keough simply decided to put a little red heart. As a reminder, the actress, now 33 years old, is the fruit of the union of Lisa Marie Presley with her first husband, Danny Keough.

Lisa Marie Presley: Elvis Presley’s daughter was devastated by her son’s suicide

Together, the couple also gave birth to a son named Benjamin Storm Keough in 1992. Unfortunately, the latter committed suicide two years ago, and he too rests in peace with his family in the garden of Graceland. Lisa Marie Presley was “utterly devastated, inconsolable and devastated” after her son’s death, as Benjamin Storm Keough’s manager said at the time. “But she’s trying to hold on for her 14-year-old twins and eldest daughter, Riley,” he also added. Besides Benjamin Storm Keough and Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s only daughter also had two other children. Lisa Marie Presley gave birth to the twins Harper and Finley on October 7, 2008. The latter are the fruits of her relationship with guitarist Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie Presley buried between her father and her son: the heartbreaking snapshot of her eldest daughter after the ceremony

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