Lionel Messi and his initiatives! Lionel Messi traveled to Saudi Arabia the day after a heavy defeat against Lorient. Recall that PSG lost 3-1 against Lorient. A defeat which had obviously led the Parisian staff to review its schedule. According to L’Equipe, two days of rest were planned after this match. Only, after the defeat, the staff of the Parisian club decided to schedule training on Monday, May 1. According to the outlet, the 35-year-old asked to go to Saudi Arabia to fulfill a contract.

Rtl points out that this contract with Saudi Arabia was signed long before he arrived at PSG. In addition, a first trip would have already been postponed. Despite all this, Galtier and Campos did not agree. This did not prevent the Argentinian from flying to Riyadh on the night of Sunday April 30 to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia. “Nasser al-Khelaïfi, the president of Paris Saint-Germain, finally validated this hook for the Middle East”, explain our colleagues from Rtl. In any case, the club remains vague on the subject, but this trip is still a lot of talk in the locker room.

Lionel Messi: a trip impossible to postpone!

If PSG preferred to kick in the face of this situation, Lionel Messi, for his part, explains that this two-day visit was an impossible trip to postpone. He had already postponed it twice after the Champions League defeat against Bayern Munich. The Argentinian had also explained that the imminent arrival of high temperatures in Saudi Arabia made the postponement impossible. In any case, this incident increases the number of questions about the player’s future in the capital club. Note that PSG would still leave the door open to a possible extension of Lionel Messi’s contract.

Lionel Messi out of control? This unauthorized trip that does not go to PSG

Lionel Messi © JB Autissier

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