Lio couldn’t be happier! At the head of a large family of six children, the singer has a new member in her clan. In the columns of Gala, this Thursday, March 24, she has indeed revealed very good news: she has become a grandmother. And she took a long time to reveal the arrival of her grandson, since he showed up fourteen months ago. “This baby, the son of my son Igor and Pauline, is really joy,” she explained to our colleagues. Granny filled, she waits impatiently to know the nickname that this infant will give him once he grows up. “He’s 14 months old, so I’ll see what he chooses, she laughs. It really doesn’t seem very important to me. For the moment, I’m mainly wondering where I’m going to receive him … I I will perhaps remain what I am: a nomadic grandmother!”

This birth fills Lio with joy, who adores her role as the head of a large family. Because she gave birth to no less than six children: Nubia, her eldest born in 1987, Igor, the young dad born in 1993, Esmeralda, who was born in 1995, then Garance and Léo from her toxic relationship with Alexis Zad and Diego, born in 2003 from his romance with producer Jean-François Lepetit. A big family from different fathers that Lio thought he could handle. “I thought it would be easy for them, from the moment we were in dialogue and in love, to assume the brothers, the sisters and the different dads. It turns out not, she revealed to Gala. It takes a lot more than the talk of love, it takes constructive actions. (…) I am a child of 68, from a generation for which the rules were frowned upon.

Lio: “I was with a narcissistic pervert and I didn’t know it”

Mother hen, and now a fulfilled grandmother, Lio tries to rebuild herself after having lived through a terrible relationship with a man who beat her. “After the birth of Esméralda, my third child, I met a man who seemed wonderful but whose brutality was triggered when I became pregnant with the twins, she confided in the columns of Paris Match. He started to fight more and more often, more and more violently. Me, I was in denial, I found excuses for him (…) I was with a narcissistic pervert and I did not know it. Lio finally managed to escape from the claws of this man, in particular thanks to the help of his sister, Helena Noguerra: “Without her, without her gaze on me when I was beaten, without her phone call to SOS Femmes beaten, I would have died. She is the one who saved my life. I owe her so much!”


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