Linda Hardy seems to be perfectly happy and fulfilled in her life as a single mother. Indeed, she is the happy mother of a boy, named Andrea and 12 years old. He comes from his former union with a certain Peter Neerinchx. He is an art dealer. Between the former lovebirds, relations seem to be very good. In any case, this is what she had confided in the columns of our magazine in June 2021. Indeed, she had assured that their separation had gone very well “thanks to [s]on son”. Moreover, she considers herself a lucky mother since her son would be “full of joie de vivre”, but also “very understanding when [she] has to go to work”.

A very pleasant situation therefore, especially since Lindy Hardy admitted to getting along very well with the father of her son. “There is an overall harmony,” she explained proudly, specifying that she had “no blues”. “I am well surrounded. I also like loneliness”, had continued the one who had confided not to be in search of great love. “I’m fine with my life and don’t feel the need to fill any gaps.” Thus, between her work and her son, Linda Hardy seems to have found the perfect balance to live happy and fulfilled. If she is a woman with a good mind, she also assured that you had to feel good in your body, so that in your head it follows.

Linda Hardy has learned to be less hard on her

“Over time, I’ve learned to be cooler and to tame my emotions, to accept myself as I am. I no longer feel guilty if I don’t play sports for a fortnight or if I want to eat in a more greedy way,” she said. Today, when she is no longer part of the big Tomorrow belongs to us family, she is happy to be able to devote more time to her son. “For me, the end of an adventure symbolizes above all the possibility of living new ones, she specified. And then, I spend a lot more time with my son. He is very happy to be able to take advantage of me more. And me too !”

If since the birth of her son, the actress has made it a point of honor to protect her identity, it can sometimes happen to her to reveal her face on social networks, on special occasions. On the occasion of the 2022 school year, for example, Internet users were able to realize how, at only 12 years old, he was already very tall. “Welcome back to school to all the children (and to the adults of course). For our Andréa, and from the height of her 1.83m, it will be tomorrow. So we are still on vacation for a bit and our heads are still in the Islands. 10th back to school classes!!! How time flies…”, she captioned. Enough to imagine that it will be very big since it should still take a few centimeters.

Linda Hardy: who is the father of her son Andrea?

Linda Hardy © Federico Pestellini

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