“To my fans who wondered why my career had stalled, I was actually disfigured by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure.” Last September, Linda Evangelista came out of silence to make sad revelations. Absent from the media scene for years, the former supermodel has lived through complicated months. After this operation, which promises to destroy fat cells in her face and body, she found herself “deformed”: “It made my fat cells grow, instead of shrinking, which made me deformed in a way permanent, even after undergoing two painful reconstructive surgeries. I was left (…) ‘unrecognizable'”. After spending years in “hiding”, Linda Evangeista announced last February that she was finished living in “shame”. This Wednesday, June 29, she was seen in the streets of New York.

In the photos unveiled by the Daily Mail, we discover her in black sweatpants, denim jacket, cleansed, her hair tied in a bun. We also discover the new face of Linda Evangelista, more puffy than before. But she regained the smile she had lost after her operation. In a long press release, she indeed revealed that she had gone through a very bad patch after contracting paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, which leads to the formation of a more protruding fatty mass at the very site of the intervention. This rare disease has “led her into a cycle of depression, of deep sadness”. Since this cosmetic procedure, Linda Evangelista has “become reclusive” and has decided to continue the clinic where she had been taken care of, which she accuses of not having alerted her to the risks involved.

Linda Evangelista: why did she file a complaint?

“With this lawsuit, I’m moving forward trying to get rid of my shame, in plain sight. I’m tired of living like this. I want to walk out of my house with my head held high, even if I don’t look like myself,” wrote she again. In the columns of People, she explained had filed a lawsuit against the parent company of CoolSculpting, Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc, and claimed 50 million dollars in damages because she was unable to work since this procedure. A CoolSculpting representative then replied, “The procedure has been well researched with over 100 scientific publications and over 11 million treatments performed worldwide.” According to the company, side effects “continue to be well documented in CoolSculpting information for patients and healthcare providers.”

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