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Lily Allen: the singer confides in her addictions to alcohol and drugs

Being a public figure means being in the spotlight all the time. Sometimes this pressure can quickly turn into a nightmare. This is the case of Lily Allen who became addicted to drugs and alcohol. In an interview with The Recovery podcast this Thursday, January 14, she returned to this very difficult period. She first confided that she started taking a pill that allowed her to lose her appetite and thus lose weight more quickly six months after the birth of Marnie. Then, when she went on tour with Miley Cyrus in 2014, she revealed that she didn’t feel good about herself and was supporting “a girl much younger and more beautiful than me,” she said. . She also insisted that at the time, Miley Cyrus, then 22, was “very sexualized”. As a mother of two, she felt she was much less beautiful and quickly sank into alcohol. It was a way for her to feel invincible. “I would get up in the morning, go straight to the mini bar, and gulp down bottles of vodka, or whiskey or whatever was left,” she admitted. It was from the moment she realized that her daily life was reduced to drinking, that she decided that it was time to move on to something else.

Her descent into hell continued and she wanted to turn to something more radical. “I was in Los Angeles and I was thinking, ‘None of this works anymore. Maybe I should try heroin,” she said. However, she quickly realized that this was not the solution, especially when she openly saw what “happens to people who take heroin”, she says. The singer therefore knew that it was necessary to “confront my demons”. Ready to start over, so she stopped drinking after going to rehab. However, six months later, his demons returned. “I lost almost everything suddenly. I lost my marriage, my house, my career was starting to sink and my friends,” she says. “I was angry all the time, I really felt like everyone owed me stuff,” says the singer. A hard period that lasted four years, before she found herself again in “the rooms” as she calls them. Now 35, Lily Allen has been sober since July 2019.

“I neglected my children”

During this very hard period, the singer regretted having “neglected my children when they were very young” but also having “gone on tour and behaved like I did”. If today, Lily Allen is much better, she was delighted to have been able to fix things with her children. “I have a really good relationship with them now” and concluded by saying “They are really great little girls. I hit wood so they don’t end up like me.” The artist seems happy and fulfilled today. She has rebuilt her life and is married to David Harbor.

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