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Lily Allen soon to be married: it becomes clearer with her companion David Harbor

They are a couple that surprised a lot of people. Not many people expected to see Lily Allen and David Harbor cooing together, and yet! Remember, it was at the end of August 2019 that the British singer and the American actor were spotted together during a trip to a London theater … quickly sparking many rumors about a possible couple. After being seen very close in the streets of New York then kissing at a basketball game in October 2019, the two lovebirds made their first public appearance in early December, during a Dior Hommes parade. , at Miami. Now a year has passed since the start of the couple’s romance, and the two are said to be on the verge of marriage.

According to information from E! News, Lily Allen and David Harbor have obtained and obtained a marriage license on September 6 in Las Vegas. In other words, it would mean that the couple would be getting ready to put the ring on their finger within the next twelve months. As the tabloid clarifies, there is also another reason that could be behind this marriage license. Lily Allen and David Harbor could have organized a quick wedding, but have yet to complete a certificate. The two celebrities have not commented on this decision for the least important of their life as a couple … Especially since the singer and the actor made famous by the series Stranger Things have always been very discreet about their relationship.

A curious ring on the left ring finger

It must be said that rumors about a possible marriage between the two lovebirds have been circulating for a little while. Last May, Lily Allen posed on social media, with what strongly resembled a diamond engagement ring on her left ring finger, as seen on TMZ. Immediately, an Internet user had asked her about her curious ring. A question to which the singer of 35 years had answered by: “The first rule of Fight Club …” If you do not have the continuation, it is about: “The first rule of Fight Club is: it is forbidden to talk about the Fight Club “. An answer that suggested that, yes, it would indeed be an engagement ring!

Lily Allen and David Harbor © Backgrid

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