We know him for his role in Taken. Liam Neeson plays the superhero fathers in the trilogy signed Pierre Morel. The actor has many other famous roles to his credit: in Georges Lucas’ Star Wars saga, he plays Qui Gon Jinn. If it was this last role that particularly propelled him to the front of the stage, Liam Neeson almost played another famous role. Indeed, the American star had been approached by the producers … of James Bond.

Liam Neeson explains in an interview with Rolling Stones magazine that he rejected the proposal because of his wife. Natasha Richardson had strongly opposed the project… to the point of giving him an ultimatum. Producers Albert and Barbara Broccoli contact him. “I know them. They approached several actors. Schindler’s List (by Steven Spielberg, released in 1993) had just come out and Barbara had called me several times asking if I was interested. I said yes. My lovely wife Natasha, may she rest in peace, said to me when I was shooting the movie Nell in Carolina, ‘Liam, I want to tell you something. If you’re playing James Bond, we’re not getting married.’ ”

The tragic death of Natasha Richardson

The 70-year-old actor recalled, “She gave me a James Bond ultimatum! And she meant it!” Why did she oppose such a project? “You know, there’s all these gorgeous girls getting in and out of beds. I think a lot of her decision has to do with that.” Finally, it is Pierre Brosnan who will be selected to succeed Timothy Dalton.

Natasha Richardson died in 2009 following a skiing accident. She is the victim of a violent fall. Two days later, in the hospital, she will lose her life as a result of a head trauma. Together, they had two children: Daniel and Michael, in 1995 and 1996.

Liam Neeson: this cult role he missed because of his wife's blackmail

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