Letizia of Spain: what is the nature of her relations with Queen Sofia since their dispute?

It is a video that did not go unnoticed. On April 1, 2018, in the middle of Easter, the Spanish royal family gathered in the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Palma de Mallorca for the celebrations. However, it was a very specific event that caught all of our attention that day: Letizia of Spain’s stroke of blood violently pushed the hand of her mother-in-law, Queen Sophie, as she posed for photographers with her granddaughters. Images that were controversial at the time, recalling the attitude considered “distant and haughty” of Queen Letizia, who seems to have since put water in her wine with regard to her relations with the mother of Felipe VI .

Aware of the support of her mother-in-law for the crown, Letizia of Spain would therefore have decided to make peace with her, in particular by reappearing several times by her side, underlines Point de vue. An awareness that also emanates from the royal heritage that Queen Sophie must now pass on to Crown Princess Eleonor, officially become Princess of Asturias. An important task for the mother of Felipe VI, whom Letizia of Spain also ensures that she is regularly surrounded by her granddaughters. What definitely contrasts with this dispute that arose in 2018 which had caused a stir.

Letizia of Spain “devastated” by this dispute

Far from having wanted to create controversy or embarrass anyone, Letizia from Spain was after the broadcast of this sequence “devastated” by this uncomfortable situation. “She is very involved in the education of her daughters, the protection of their image, she pays attention to who takes pictures of them, she worries about where they come from, who approaches them … It is a very maternal reaction “, had confided a close relative of the queen at the time, while the queen Sophie constantly complained of not seeing enough her granddaughters. A story that now clearly belongs to the past.

Letizia of Spain and Queen Sofia © Zuma Press

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