Queen Letizia of Spain is back in England on April 5, 2022. The Spanish sovereign was not accompanied by her husband, King Felipe VI of Spain, 54, this time. King Felipe VI of Spain, and his wife, Queen Letizia of Spain, 49, were recently in London. Spanish rulers were among the crowned heads to attend the Thanksgiving service in memory of Prince Philip. The ceremony was held on March 29, 2022 at Westminster Abbey. On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, Queen Letizia of Spain traveled to northeast England, to Auckland Castle, according to Royal Histories. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, 73, in person came to warmly welcome Letizia from Spain.

The Spanish Gallery in Bishop Auckland recorre la España de los sXVI y XVII a través de Zurbarán y otros pintores españoles. Tras visitarla, la Reina y el Príncipe de Gales han discover the placa commemorativa de su inauguration oficial.➡️https://t.co/SqFJ5LzLJ5 @ClarenceHouse pic.twitter.com/spMxiY89RD

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“The Prince of Wales welcomes Queen Letizia with a kiss on the hand at Bishop Auckland”, specifies Histoires Royales. The reason for this second trip of Queen Letizia from Spain to England is a cultural visit. Auckland Castle has housed the Bishopric of Durham since 1832 as well as a museum open to the public. Throughout her visit, the Spanish sovereign was guided by the Prince of Wales. The main reason for the visit of Queen Letizia of Spain is the inauguration of the Spanish Gallery of Bishop Auckland. “This ‘Spanish Gallery’ in Auckland Castle is dedicated to promoting Spanish culture and will be an important source of academic study on the pictorial history of the Golden Age of Spanish art,” according to Histories. Royals.

Queen Letizia of Spain “wows the gallery” with a new burgundy dress

This solo visit from the mother of Princesses Leonor and Sofia was an opportunity for her to wear a beautiful new dress. Letizia from Spain wore a burgundy colored long sleeve midi dress. The sophisticated dress, by Carolina Herrera, features a line of black buttons on each shoulder. Arriving on the courtyard of Auckland Castle, Letizia d’Ortiz was covered in a gorgeous black coat also signed by her favorite Venezuelan fashion designer, Carolina Herrera. “In her ears, she wore the discreet Chanel feather-shaped earrings, a jewel sold for 7,600 euros”, indicates Histoires Royales.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Queen Letizia of Spain © POOL-AGENCE

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