A beautiful sartorial tribute. This Tuesday, March 29, Elizabeth II had made an appointment with many crowned heads to attend the ceremony of homage to Prince Philip, who died almost a year ago. In addition to most members of the British royal family, several international personalities had made the trip. Especially Felipe and Letizia from Spain. The queen consort and the king were keen to be present, after being deprived of the funeral due to health restrictions.

For the occasion, Letizia appeared in a green dress on the arm of her husband. A color also sported by Elizabeth II, Princess Anne and Camilla Parker-Bowles, and which owes nothing to chance. Green, more precisely dark, was indeed a color dear to Prince Philip. As reported by the Royal Central site, this shade of green, dubbed “Edinburgh Green” (literally Edinburgh green), was that of the costumes worn by Prince Philip’s staff. A color also worn by his page during the coronation. This color was also used for the cars of the Duke of Edinburgh. Dark green also has a special meaning, because it represents half-mourning. A clothing choice which therefore seemed logical for the Queen of Spain who had forged strong ties with Prince Philip.

Prince Philip’s advice for Letizia of Spain

Letizia had met the husband of Elizabeth II on several occasions. The former journalist who became queen of Spain in June 2014, when her husband Felipe VI became king after the abdication of Juan Carlos, notably met the royal couple at Buckingham Palace in July 2017 on the occasion of a official visit. And sources close to the Queen said that over the years she has become very close to the Duke of Edinburgh. She did not hesitate to turn to him for advice on her role as a monarch’s wife (just like Prince Philip when Elizabeth II was proclaimed queen following the death of her husband). dad). He would have encouraged her to “keep her way of thinking” and promote it within her husband’s family to be heard with respect and discretion. There is no doubt that the death of the king consort deeply affected the queen of Spain.

Tribute to Prince Philip © AGENCY

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