After 50 years of inactivity, the Cumbre Vieja volcano woke up. The eruptions began to take place on Sunday, September 19. No loss of human life was caused by this eruption of the volcano. However, the lava flows caused very significant material damage. Many homes were destroyed, more than 6,000 people had to be evacuated from the premises. Because of this unfortunate and inopportune event, the royal couple changed their schedule. Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI arrived on the island of La Palma on Thursday, September 23, four days after the volcano woke up.

On September 23, 2021 was also held the inauguration of the new season of Teatro Real in Madrid. Queen Letizia and her husband were to preside as they do every year. In the end, it was Sofia, the wife of former King Juan Carlos, who took the place of her son and daughter-in-law. The Spanish monarchs went there to see what the situation really is and to talk to the victims. Fortunately, the lava flows are slowing down, one of them even seems to have come to a complete stop.

“It will be expensive to get back to normalcy, no one can deny it, but La Palma will.”

During this visit, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia also attended a meeting of PEVOLCA in Santa Cruz. It is the technical committee of the volcanic emergency plan of the Canaries. At the same time, the king and the queen wanted to comfort the victims who had to be moved from their homes. Residents, which include the elderly and people with reduced mobility, are evacuated to the El Fuerte barracks. In the presence of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, King Felipe gave a heartwarming speech.

In front of the press, King Felipe VI declared: “to the affected families, I would like to say that for the recovery of your lives, your activity, your future, help will not be lacking.” Finally, he added: “all these families, despite the disaster that struck them, will have a future because together we will help them rebuild their lives. We must help them”.

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain © Europa Press

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