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Letizia of Spain deemed “distant and haughty”: how the queen overturned her public image

It took Letizia Ortiz years to win the hearts of the Spanish people. It must be said that the profile of the Queen of Spain is not that expected within royalty. Former journalist for national television, she divorced her first husband Alonso Guerreo, professor of literature, in 1999 after a year of marriage. When her love affair with Felipe VI comes to light, Letizia struggles to find a place for herself.

The people reproach him for his coldness and esteem him distant. By wanting to stay in the background, Letizia forges an image of an inaccessible queen. “Letizia has always behaved in a very discreet manner, always remaining in the background. It is possible that this took away part of her spontaneity and kept her away from the population”, estimated in 2014 to AFP Jose Miguel de Elias, director of the Sigma Dos polling institute.

An image that sticks to her skin

And if since the birth of her two daughters, Leonor and Sofía, and her tears at her sister’s funeral which moved the country, she has made a place for herself in the hearts of the Spaniards, she still happens to surprise a few. a few. In the pages of Point de Vue magazine, we learn that Letizia is a queen with a big heart and very attentive … against all expectations.

Director of the NGO Apram, which works for the rights of victims of sexual exploitation, Rocío Mora recounts her meeting with the queen during an operation. “I was skeptical before meeting her. I imagined her distant and haughty. I was wrong. She knows each case, memorizes the names of the women she met through our association. (…) The Queen works with us, away from the cameras. ”

A natural investment. In the most total discretion, Letizia undoes the clichés, one by one …

Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCE

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