Letizia of Spain and King Felipe VI of Spain form a strong couple.
The former journalist is known to have been hated by the monarchists.
In the intimacy, Queen Letizia of Spain is entitled to a sweet tenderness from her husband.

Letizia from Spain has since proven her qualities as a mother, as confirmed by Gala, in her article of February 16, 2023. Despite everything, the 50-year-old commoner and former journalist did not immediately convince the family Spanish royal. “Too impassive, too upright, not affectionate or demonstrative enough, already married and divorced…”, so many points raised in Gala magazine n°1549 about Queen Letizia of Spain. We can say all we want about Letizia from Spain. In any case, as Gala reveals, the wife of King Felipe VI of Spain acts like a real mother.

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The magazine recalls that the royal couple live with their two daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia of Spain, in their home at Pabellon del Principe. The family of four has got into the habit of having breakfast and dinner in a second dining room, can we read in the columns of Gala. During the spring 2020 confinement, Queen Letizia of Spain prepared small dishes with her daughters in the kitchen located in the basement of the palace. Quoting journalist and biographer José Apezarena, Gala also reveals that King Felipe VI, 55, gave an affectionate nickname to his wife, Queen Letizia of Spain.

Letizia of Spain: the queen, considered an “anti-Kate Middleton”

In the intimacy, the Spanish monarch nicknames his wife “Mama”. We are thus far from the image of the “not very natural” woman described by Laurence Debray, biographer of Juan Carlos quoted by the magazine. This biographer of the former king of Spain described Letizia of Spain as follows: “It’s the anti-Kate Middleton, who did everything to fit into the mold of the Windsors. Letizia, she is more of a woman of the 21st century, strong […] We guess it in the control. It does not appear very natural, voluntarily distant”.

Letizia from Spain: this unsuspected nickname that her husband Felipe gives her in private

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCE

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