It’s back to school for everyone! This January 6, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia returned to the royal palace in Madrid to play the masters of ceremonies. For their first public engagement of the year, the couple presided over the Pascua Militar, an annual military ceremony that took place within the walls of the stunning royal residence. As usual, Queen Letizia competed in elegance, and she had chosen red as the opening color for 2023, which she wore gracefully over a long dress adorned with fine embroidery, signed Felipe Varela. An outfit that matched the stones of her Gold & Roses brand earrings, as well as the color of her eyeshadow, which brought out her green eyes perfectly. On the left index finger of the queen, one could see a new jewel – perhaps a Christmas present? – probably offered by her husband or her daughters. The ornament in question, an 18-karat gold ring signed Coreterno, is engraved with the phrase Amor che tutto move (Love makes things move) on its outer surface and a beautiful statement inspired by an English ballad from the Middle Ages on its inner surface: “As long as I exist, you will be loved”. It now remains to discover who is the mysterious author of this lovely gift…

Letizia from Spain: this recycled look for her first solo engagement

A few days later, on January 11, the Queen of Spain was again on deck, this time solo. She presided over the closing ceremony of the 10th edition of Proyecto Promociona at Ifema-Madrid, a project that aims to increase the participation of women in Spanish entrepreneurial activity in positions of greater responsibility. For this event, Letizia sported a fluffy water-green sweater and a pencil skirt in brocade woven with bronze threads, two pieces from the Spanish brand Is Coming that the queen had already worn during an outing in Switzerland in October 2021. .

Letizia from Spain: this sublime and discreet declaration of love on her new gold ring

Letizia from Spain © Dana Press

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