Queen Letizia is the epitome of elegance. A fact that she proved again at the inauguration of the academic year of vocational training in Haro. Indeed, the queen presented herself with a monochrome outfit that was simply bewitching. Note that this event aims to celebrate not only training, but also the introduction of new professional training courses.

For the occasion, Queen Letizia presented herself in a white shirt with a monochrome frill. She chose black pants to accompany the shirt. An outfit that gave her a suave look! On his shirt, we notice subtle embroidery. Note that this shirt is signed Uterqüe. To complete her classic and stripped-down look, the queen, 49, chose stiletto pumps with a bow from designer Isabel Abdo. Here again, the queen is not lacking in her reputation as a great recycler. Indeed, she had already worn this pair of shoes during the confirmation of her daughter, Princess Leonor.

“A busy week for the queen”

At this event in Haro, the Queen was greeted by officials. She then visited the room where she was able to get information about the lessons. During the visit, she was able to contemplate a bronze plaque decorated with a crown with the words: “IES Ciudad De Haro” in a workshop.

Note that the previous day, Queen Letizia was alongside her husband, King Philippe for the visit of the Prado Museum in Madrid. During this event, the royal couple presented the national culture awards to workers in the creative field. The Queen ended her busy week on October 01 with the virtual opening ceremony of the “World Food Forum” in Rome.

Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCE

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