On Tuesday July 27, Letizia from Spain learned some bad news. Her grandmother whom she loved so much, Maria del Carmen Álvarez del Valle, passed away at the age of 93. The funeral of the queen’s grandmother, whose causes of death have not been disclosed, took place at the Ribadesella cemetery on July 28, 2021. The farewells were made in a small committee.

For the occasion Jesús Ortiz, the father of Letizia from Spain, was present with his wife his wife Ana Togores. The sister of the deceased, Marisol Álvarez, had also made the trip. But the Queen of Spain was, for reasons that are unknown, the great absent from the ceremony while she had no royal obligation on this day.

Maria del Carmen Álvarez del Valle: why was she an inspiration for Letizia from Spain?

Letizia from Spain was very close to her grandmother. And it must be said that this has greatly influenced the professional life of the one who became the Queen of Spain on June 19, 2014 when her husband was proclaimed king. Before taking on her new role, Leonor and Sofia’s mother was professionally fulfilled as a journalist. Her work was even rewarded in 2000: she received the Mariano José de Larra prize as “best journalist under 30” awarded by the Madrid Press Association.

A career in which she would perhaps not have embarked on if her grandmother, who was nicknamed “Menchu”, had not been in the business. Indeed, the voice of Maria del Carmen Álvarez del Valle resonated for several years throughout Spain since she was a radio journalist. She took her first steps in 1947 before retiring in 1990.

Queen Letizia of Spain, Menchu ​​Alvarez and Princess Sofia © AGENCE

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