Queen Letizia knows how to adapt her outfit to all circumstances, she is only very rarely criticized for her dress choice. Letizia from Spain is also known for her tendency to recycle the best clothes in her wardrobe. This is what she did this October 18, 2021 for a business meeting at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. During this outing, Queen Letizia opted for THE blue longuette from Hugo Boss. To ensure her role as hostess that day, the Queen of Spain opted for this belted skirt with a sultry slit.

This Hugo Boss longuette is a model that the Queen of Spain shares with other crowned heads in Europe. Marie from Denmark and Sofia from Sweden are known to be fans of this model from Hugo Boss. This skirt, and especially the sky blue color, is full of symbolism. According to Italy 24 News, it “indicates freshness, the capacity for mediation, peace, royalty, so many essential qualities for a queen worthy of this title”. The newspaper continues that “it is no accident that women who have important public roles often dress in blue, Queen Elizabeth in the first place.”

Letizia of Spain wore the skirt of power on five occasions

Queen Letizia of Spain chose to wear this Hugo Boss skirt to attend events of great importance. It was during the plenary session of the Royal Academy of Spain, on June 13, 2019, that she released it for the first time. She wore it the second time for an audience at the Palazzo in October 2020. This year, before October 18, she has already sported the dress twice in February and May.

For this last occasion, the mother Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia opted for a navy blue top to accompany the skirt. The top is very wide and has asymmetrical sleeves which give it a cape effect. Unsurprisingly, this top is also signed Hugo Boss. Finally, we can note the clutch from Magrit that the queen has in her hand and her earrings. These accessories are all recycled, the earrings even date from 2008 according to ITALY 24 NEWS.

Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCE

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