Letizia from Spain recycles her sublime gathered red dress to pose with the police

On Thursday, June 24, Queen Letizia of Spain was the president of the ceremony for the feast of her patron saint, Saint John the Baptist. It was the celebration ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the arrival of women in the municipal police of Madrid. For this occasion, Queen Letizia presented several medals to these policewomen defined as being pioneers.

As with every outing, the queen was simply sublime and elegant at the event. She presented herself in a red dress from Spain. True to form, this dress has been recycled. This is a gathered long-sleeved dress from the Salvatore Ferragamo brand. This dress was first seen at an event in Palma de Mallorca in May 2019. To accompany this sublime dress, Queen Letizia opted for high heels in beige.

“A real revolution”

The mother of Princesses Leonor and Sofia was alongside the Minister of the Interior, the Mayor of Madrid as well as the Commissioner General of the Municipal Police at the event. After the national anthem, Queen Letizia reviewed the police officers lined up before proceeding to the essential presentation of medals, crosses and diplomas. A tribute to the dead was also paid before a large parade where the Queen was able to admire the different sections of each unit of the municipal police and the invited bodies.

The Spanish press recalls that the arrival of women in the municipal police force of Madrid in 1971 was “a real revolution”. At the time, a special regime governed these female police officers. “In addition to wearing a uniform distinct from the male, with a skirt-pants and a bag, the first groups of women were not allowed to marry, they had to testify in court accompanied by their parents and did not wear ‘weapons,’ says El Diaro.

Letizia from Spain © AGENCY

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