Letizia from Spain recycles her sublime designer butterfly dress to honor a commitment from her daughter

Queen Letizia of Spain is an absolute reference when it comes to royal sartorial fashion. She proves it once again with the recycling of this blue dress with embroidered butterfly patterns. The jumpsuit she chose for her outfit is just perfect as usual. She opted for a black clutch with a little touch of gold band and black pumps.

The blue dress of Queen Letizia of Spain comes from the eminent Italian house Bottega Veneta. The dress is designed on the theme of the butterfly, the embroidered patterns decorating the bodice and sleeves testify to this. The V-neck and pleats at the chest also suggest butterfly wings. The queen chose to bring some sparkle with chic, yet subtle earrings.

#QueenLetizia debuted two new looks last week and wore a familiar favorite to round out the working week. More details on the blog> https://t.co/70Is9sktGa pic.twitter.com/Rbgo9lK9Xz

– Queen Letizia Style (@QueenLetiziaEN) June 7, 2021

“A commitment that the couple made on behalf of their eldest daughter”

Queen Letizia chose to wear this sublime dress on the occasion of a “meeting of the Board of Directors of the Princess of Asturias Foundation at the Royal Palace in Madrid”. It is an event of great importance for the royal family. Princess Leonor, their 15-year-old daughter, is the one who bears the title of Princess of Asturias. Princess Leonor inherited the title after her father King Felipe VI ascended to the throne in 2014.

The council meeting was not the only event to take place at the Royal Palace in Madrid, however. Letizia was also to receive the President of the Republic of Portugal Marcel de Sousa with her husband before leaving the two men face to face.

Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCE

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