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Letizia from Spain recycles an autumnal Zara dress for its comeback

Once again, Letizia of Spain is betting on the low price and the déjà vu. On Tuesday September 8, the wife of Felipe VI resumed her official commitments, attending an official ceremony at the Palazo Viana in Madrid. And for the occasion, she had bet on a very elegant mid-season look, which had already drawn the favor of critics and the press the first time she had worn it.

Indeed, a follower of recycling her favorite outfits, just like Kate Middleton, Letizia from Spain brought out this black and white tweed dress with bare shoulders, which she had already worn in July, then in September 2019, during two auditions at the Zarzuela Palace. A dress from the Zara brand, one of her favorites, which initially cost 49.99 euros, subsequently sold for 19.99 euros. A masterpiece for the mother of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, who shows her attachment to Spanish brands, but also, at a low price.

A summer in white for Letizia of Spain

A very elegant back-to-school look for Letizia from Spain, who during her vacation in the Balearic Islands with her family made multiple appearances in summer outfits, focusing on dresses or white jumpsuits, as well as wedge espadrilles. Always elegant outfits and a little more relaxed than usual, which perhaps helped to make it find a place of choice in the heart of the Spaniards.

Deemed “cold” and “haughty” at the start of her relationship with Felipe VI, several events made it possible to change her public image, such as the births of her daughters, or the disappearance of her little sister. “I was skeptical before meeting her. I imagined her distant and haughty. I was wrong. She knows each case, memorizes the names of the women she met through our association. (…) The queen works with us, far from the cameras “, even confided Rocio Mora after an interview with the queen.

Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCE

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