Princess Leonor, 16, has returned to Spain to spend the Easter weekend with her family. Currently studying at UWC Atlantic College, the eldest daughter of Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI of Spain is enjoying her school holidays. Taking advantage of her visit to Spain, Princess Leonor of Spain accompanied her parents on a visit to a center for Ukrainian refugees in Madrid. Infanta Sofia, 14, was also present with her parents and sister during this visit on April 16, 2022. However, Princess Leonor of Asturias attracted all the attention.

When it comes to fashion, we know where Princess Leonor gets her keen sense of fashion. On her last outing with her parents, Letizia and Felipe of Spain, and her younger sister Sofia, Princess Leonor opted for a black floral blouse. The fact that the sublime princess of Spain wore this model caused a shortage of stock in stores, according to Histoires Royales. Which is not so much of a surprise since, like her mother, Princess Leonor of Spain is already proving to be a reference for fans of the Spanish royal family. But this springtime white blouse is far from being the only surprise on Saturday April 16.

Princess Leonor of Spain sports a discreet new piercing, the same as that of Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia of Spain, 49, surprised her fans earlier this year with a new ear piercing. Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia’s mum revealed the piercing on her first public engagement day of 2022. Like her mum, Princess Leonor of Spain also opted for an additional piercing on one ear. “As for Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor’s new piercing is a simple, fairly discreet little gold jewel. The jewel, however, did not go unnoticed, despite its discretion”, indicates Histoires Royales.

Princess Leonor of Spain © Dana Press

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