Her looks are expertly studied as soon as she sets foot outside. Queen Letizia of Spain, cited as much for her sovereign activities as for the choice of her outfits, caused a sensation once again this Saturday, when she and her husband Felipe VI received NATO parliamentarians in Madrid . While the king had opted for a dark blue suit, enhanced with a bright blue tie and a white pinstripe shirt, the queen had bet on a total black look. Queen of Spain but also of style, the sovereign is not left out when it comes to pimping an outfit that is a little too sober, which is why she had set her sights on a suit signed Pertegaz – already worn in 2019 -, which had the particularity of being adorned with feathers on the sleeves. A whimsical detail that added a bit of panache to the suit, just like the Manolo Blahnik pumps that the queen wore on her feet. The latter had the originality of being transparent, simply crossed by black bands which gave the false impression of flanges. A look so simple in appearance, but finally worked when you look more closely.

Letizia from Spain: this beauty detail that highlights her face

On the beauty side, Letizia of Spain had pulled her brown mane into a fuzzy bun, which exposed her face and gave the opportunity to admire her Chanel feather-shaped earrings, as well as her coppery eyeshadow which perfectly highlighted her green eyes. A look both elegant and subtly daring that adds to the long list of triumphant outfits for the queen!

Letizia from Spain: black suit, transparent pumps… this detail of her recycled look spotted during her last reception

Queen Letizia © Dana Press

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