Letizia from Spain is the subject of a documentary Los Borbones, una familia real
In this report, she is the subject of numerous accusations
In particular an abuse of cosmetic surgery

This is a very bad surprise for Letizia of Spain. On the ATRESplayer platform, a documentary called Los Borbones, una familia real heavily criticizes the Spanish royal family. The wife of Prince Felipe VI is then the subject of an episode in which she would be targeted by numerous accusations. According to this report, Letizia from Spain would have carried out numerous cosmetic surgery operations: nose operation, chin alignment, eyelid lift, injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid…

That’s not all: the wife of Felipe VI would be nicknamed “the chef” at the Zarzuela Palace. According to the report, Letizia of Spain would have established “a bubble” around her daughters and her husband. She would thus have taken Juan Carlos away from her son. And for good reason: when Felipe falls in love with the former TV presenter, he does not see this relationship in a good light. Letizia from Spain would have even spoken familiarly to Juan Carlos during her marriage. It is “the beginning of a sneaky war” with his future daughter-in-law. “It was a spontaneous intervention, which looks like him, a way to relax the atmosphere, but you are crucified for this kind of audacity”, confides Sagrario Ruiz de Apocada, in the report.

“It’s already an absolute war within the royal family”

The report also shows Juan Carlos on his son’s wedding day. The king would not smile: “It’s already an absolute war within the royal family”, “it felt more like attending a funeral”, explains Aitor Gabilondo, one of the authors of the documentary who also returns to the suicide of Letizia’s little sister: “Something has changed in the way she presents herself to the world and interacts with others. She is a fighter in the face of adversity”, summarizes Fernando Onega, journalist and royal biographer.

Queen Letizia of Spain © AGENCY


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