Letizia from aerial Spain in a candy pink dress alongside her husband

Everyone knows that Letizia from Spain is an expert when it comes to fashion. We could admire her recently in a very trendy candy pink aerial dress. Pink being the flagship color of this summer, Queen Letizia has chosen to wear it in an aerial midi dress. Coupled with a relatively flared cut and lots of pleats, Queen Letizia’s dress comes very close to a bohemian dress. Looking at what the queen has been wearing lately, her wardrobe is full of trendy dresses this summer.

To enhance her appearance, she opted for very elegant heeled pumps. The pumps are a glossy satin and a shade much darker than the candy pink of her dress. The tone-on-tone combination of her elegant dress and pretty pumps perfectly match the shade of her fresh, slightly tanned skin. The queen’s outfit contrasts perfectly with the relatively dark gray suit of King Felipe.

“King Felipe and Queen Letizia met the relatives of Luis García Berlanga”

Luis García Berlanga is a Spanish filmmaker of genius who has been dedicated to an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. It was on this occasion, on June 9, 2021, that Letizia from Spain sported her flashy candy pink aerial dress. The exhibition traces the cinematographic journey of the great filmmaker. “More than 170 photographs from different archives and public and private photographic collections have been brought together,” according to Casa Real.

King Felipe and Letizia of Spain visited the entire exhibition, sporting looks in perfect harmony. To end the day, they chose to meet the filmmaker’s relatives. They also spoke with some of Luis García Berlanga’s assistants. Minister Enrique Ossorio was also present on the scene that day to accompany the royal couple.

Queen Letizia of Spain © Action Press

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