Leslie and Kevin are still nowhere to be found. The calls for witnesses are becoming more and more numerous. “The Deux-Sèvres gendarmerie is still looking for Leslie and Kevin who have disappeared since November 25, 2022 after an evening spent in Niortais. If you have any information, contact the Niort gendarmerie at or dial 17”, can -we read on Twitter. Asked by RTL, Leslie’s father details the portrait of his daughter, which is nothing to worry about. “She had texted us with a photo to show us a water heater that we had to install in her truck. This is the last contact we had with her. A priori, a normal day, a weekend end which was going to go well, without worry”, he testifies to our colleagues.

So what happened to the couple? Were the two young people able to leave voluntarily? A theory that does not hold according to Leslie’s father. Recently, a witness also claimed to have met the couple in Portugal. A news that did not convince the couple, as they testify to our colleagues from The New Republic. “In Portugal, in a cart without a license, we found it so big…” For them, the criminal scenario is more plausible.

The criminal track favored by relatives

For them, this theory does not hold water. “It feels like they are trying to take us somewhere else. If we want to make evidence disappear, like clothes, we put them in a garbage bag. Whereas there they were thrown away without bags, with nothing, in bulk. It was made so that they could be found there, with, at least, an identity paper which put the chip in their ear and that the gendarmes were immediately informed, “have– they said at the microphone of our colleagues. Two hunts took place around the village of Prahecq, without success.

Leslie and Kevin missing: "We found it so big", this new thesis swept away by their relatives

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