Since November 25, 2022, Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat have given no sign of life. The young couple disappeared mysteriously and several twists and turns have taken place since February 28, 2023. A young man was arrested then indicted and his police custody allowed investigators to arrest two other suspects. On March 3 and 4, 2023, two bodies were found in Charente-Maritime. This Tuesday, March 7, Cyril Lacombe, the public prosecutor of Poitiers held a press conference during which he gave more information on this investigation. He first confirmed that “in all likelihood” the two bodies found are those of the couple. However, there are still gray areas in this case. It is first of all the exact circumstances of the disappearance and then the death of Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat which are unknown. The hypothesis linked to drug trafficking has been mentioned, but is it the right one? There is also the role of Nathan, Enzo and Tom, the three suspects arrested. The first two were indicted for murder and Tom, for his part, was indicted for kidnapping and forcible confinement. The last is that of Onyx, the young woman’s dog. The latter disappeared during the night of November 25 to 26 and has given no sign of life since. Where is he ?

This is very important information that was given by the prosecutor during his press conference. If gray areas remain, there are also tracks that are taken into account. There is first of all that of a voluntary departure, quickly dismissed by the relatives of the couple. There is also the possible disappearance following the coercive intervention of third parties in a context of trafficking but also in the context of a violent action and in a romantic context. The track of the entourage is the one that has been favored since the prosecutor recalls that “changes in behavior have been noticed, changes in location, precipitation in research while marking a certain distance”, he explains. These are three individuals, close to the couple, who have been arrested and indicted since February 28. Thus, investigators are instead heading towards the criminal trail, which is actually that of a double homicide. “The motivations remain to be determined”, affirms the prosecutor before evoking “a debt and / or sentimental reasons”. Are the three suspects behind this murder? “The facts seem to have taken place in a reduced time frame”, also reveals the prosecutor.

Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat: how was the couple killed?

During his press conference, the prosecutor gave details of the bodies of Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat. “He was dressed”, indicates Cyril Lacombe, evoking the young man before adding: “The identification of this body is almost formal”. Concerning the second, that of Leslie. “She was dressed, her identification is almost formal,” he said again. According to the words of the prosecutor, both would be “died due to blows carried out by means of a contending object”, he explains before continuing: “There is no trace of sexual assault”. The official results of the autopsy will be known on Thursday. Will the couple’s murderer(s) be identified? If it is one or all three suspects, what was the motive? Regarding the charges, the prosecutor gave them: “arrest, kidnapping, sequestration or arbitrary detention of several people”, “modification of a place of a crime or an offense” and finally “murder”, a he concluded.

Leslie and Kevin found dead: these gray areas that remain in the investigation

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