Because the emotions of the young child always express something of him and it is up to the adult to decode them, the magazine Les Tidoudous (Reworldmedia group) proposes to highlight them. Each issue of Les Tidoudous will deal with a particular emotion, declined throughout the magazine in common thread: the first will be fear, the second jealousy. Les Tidoudous is therefore a brand new, useful proposal that will allow the child to put words to his emotions, whatever they are, and always in a fun way. A real communication medium for parents, Les Tidoudous will help them answer the questions and sometimes the anxieties of the children.

Contents of the first issue of Tidoudous on newsstands from December 14, 2022 at a price of 5.95 euros: a story to understand and express a situation, with advice from Tidoudous to put into practice, Boubou the fairy of emotions so that the child visualizes the emotions he may feel, games to wait for Christmas, a “The first time” part to defuse a stressful situation that can be blocking for the child, a Mandala coloring, a “Little yoga” part , “The grown-ups talk about it”, a short story that makes you smile, and an evening story.

Les Tidoudous: the cute new magazine for 3-6 year olds

The Tidoudous © DR

Maria T.
Maria T.

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