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Leonor of Spain: these major milestones awaiting the future queen in the coming months

Leonor of Spain prepares to reign. Still educated at the Santa Maria de los Rosales school in Madrid, the 15-year-old princess has been increasing official commitments for several months, and increasingly showing the attributes that will characterize her later as queen. After presenting the Princess of Asturias 2020 award dressed as a young woman and perched on small high heels, a few days earlier, she proudly wore the Golden Fleece on the Spanish National Day. A little princess who is turning more and more into a queen, and who should in the coming months more embrace her destiny with ever more important commitments.

On the school side, before taking over from her father Felipe VI, Princess Leonor will probably choose a university course, followed by a tutor, before the moment when she will do her military training is decided. But on the side of its obligations, the agenda is more filled precise Point of view, on newsstands Wednesday, October 21. Indeed, Letizia’s daughter from Spain could give a few audiences, but also make two symbolic trips when the health situation allows.

His 18th year, a pivotal year for Leonor from Spain

In the meantime, the 15-year-old girl will follow her parents in their travels, before reaching her 18th year, where she will be sworn in before the Cortes and will thus officially become Princess of Asturias. Obligations which will always be more important until her accession to the throne of Spain, but in which she will always be supported by Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain, who does not fail to scrutinize and guide her daughters in their distinct roles. A queen who has even passed on the taste for fashion to her eldest daughter, even helping her to forge an identity in terms of looks.

Princess Leonor of Spain © Dana Press

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