Leonor of Spain solo: the princess has a curious start to school, far from her parents

After spending the summer in Palma de Mallorca with her sister, her parents and her grandmother, Queen Sofia, Princess Leonor made her big comeback on the school benches on Wednesday September 9, 2020. While the coronavirus is still very present in Spain, the one who will celebrate her fifteenth birthday on October 31st has made her second grade at Santa María de los Rosales school in Madrid. A return, however, particular for the young girl, who could not be escorted to the doors of her school by her parents, King Felipe VI and Letizia. In addition, his little sister, Princess Sofia, who goes to school at the same place was not by his side.

In order to take no risks, Spain has imposed strict sanitary measures in schools. Thus, masks and hydro-alcoholic gel are now fully part of the life of students. After greeting the photographers, Princess Leonor submitted to a temperature measurement upon arrival. While students should not take off their masks in class and not touch their faces to avoid the spread of Covid-19, Spanish magazine Hola explained: “The princess could not greet with two kisses or hug her hand or hug her friends and from now on she will wash her hands, at least six times, as long as she is in the school: at the entrance and at the exit, in the courtyard, before and after each meal, before ‘enter a common area and before and after using the toilet, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. ”

A re-entry under high tension

Two days after her older sister, it was Princess Sofia who returned to school. If King Felipe VI had accompanied Princess Leonor by car, it was Queen Letizia who took the youngest to school on Friday September 11, 2020. If the two young girls are educated in the same establishment and are very close, however, they will not be able to see each other at any time of the day. Indeed, their classes are in two separate pavilions and the students will not mix during recess. In addition, the cafeteria has closed its doors!

Princesses Leonor and Sofia © Zuma Press

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