The Zodiac sign Leo is known to be full of himself. He is a being who goes in pursuit of what he desires and who is particularly fond of the throne, the central position, the center of everyone’s interest. The Leo woman can however love with so much ardor and authenticity when she finds the ideal man. However, the Leo woman is also particularly fond of adventures and thrills. A man who takes advantage of life, who crunches it to the fullest, a little like she does, is not likely to leave her indifferent.

Sagittarius ticks almost all the boxes of the ideal man for the Leo woman. “Almost” because for the Leo woman, no man can be perfect, otherwise he would compete with her perfection. The Sagittarius man is said to be a good, honest and generous man. And her sense of communication allows her to open all doors, including that of the heart of the Leo woman. The other candidate for the Leo woman is the Aquarius man. The elusive and adventurous side of Aquarius awakens and gently energizes the hunter within.

The Leo woman can hesitate between Aquarius and Scorpio

The Aquarius man can be the ideal man for the Leo woman because once tamed, Aquarius can be generous, especially on the carnal level. However, the relationship may be a bit unstable. Scorpio’s ambition has very few limits. Danger does not scare him. Her reckless and intrepid side is enough to arouse curiosity and the Leo woman is no exception. From the Scorpio man’s side, the fiery and authoritativeness of the Leo woman is just another challenge.

Leo woman: who is your ideal man?

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