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Lena Dunham: the star reveals a snapshot of her belly and confides in the pressure to lose weight

Creator and star of the Girls series, Lena Dunham has always been honest with her fans. A few weeks after having confided in her fight to become a mother, going from her endometriosis, her removal of the uterus, but also from her disillusions, the 34-year-old actress spoke of the pressure to lose weight on Instagram. While she thought she was past that, Lena Dunham explained that she started to feel disgust for her body in recent months. “I gave a lot of thought to my fat stomach during lockdown – especially since I noticed an unusual number of articles with headlines like ‘How I lost weight’ and ‘Diet is everything’. does it have more is it just that I just have more time to notice them? ”the star began.

After saying the focus on weight loss sounded like an assault, Lena Dunham explained, “Growing up being chubby, fat, whatever you want to call it – I always felt my body was a sign that read, ‘I’m lazy and I’ve done less than others.’ “Transparent to her fans, she then added,” Over the years as my body guided me through my career, illness and my handicap, I started to appreciate what he was capable of. But somehow this pandemic period brought back some of those old feelings of self loathing and I think it all comes down to that damn to-do list, the one that started when we went into lockdown. ”

The pressure to lose weight over the years

Finally, the actress said with humor that she should stock up on vegetables in order to come out of confinement with an exceptional body: “Should I put vegetables in my fridge and show before / after photos? And why, after all these years of fostering self-love, do i still feel that losing weight is a thing to do? When could I add ‘learn spanish’ or ‘fall in love with a firefighter’? ” Finally, she invited her fans to respond, revealing to her if they were also feeling the pressure to lose weight. “I am so curious … What did this period bring you when you sat down with the body given to you, no matter where the self-isolation took it? please share with me in the comments – I’ll read that here in this bikini top, ”she concluded humorously.

Lena Dunham © Backgrid UK

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