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Lena Dunham: the actress’ poignant tale of her difficulty having a child

The desire to be a mother … At 34, Lena Dunham, ex-star of the Girls series is waiting for only one thing: to have a child. If she sees many of her friends getting pregnant, the actress’s fight to become a mother is far from over. Wishing to get pregnant, Lena Dunham began an IVF course. Without success … In an essay written for Harper’s Magazine, the American star wished to tell about his experience. She begins: “The moment I lost my fertility, I started looking for a baby. At 31, after nearly two decades of chronic pain from endometriosis and its little-studied ravages, I had my uterus, cervix, and one of my ovaries removed. Before, motherhood seemed likely but not urgent, as inevitable as growing up without denim shorts, but in the days following my surgery, I became deeply obsessed with it. ”

Faced with failures, Lena Dunham then questioned herself. “When I was little, I had already made all the eggs I was going to have. They were in me, doomed to fail. I just didn’t know it yet. I was another arrogant, confident woman. that I would have what I wanted because I wanted it. Because I had always understood it. Because the world told me it was my turn to take it. I tried to have a child “Along the way, my body broke. So did my relationship. In the process – because of that? – I became a junkie,” the actress explained. To conclude her post, it was visibly sad that she added: “There are a lot of things you can fix in life – you can end a relationship, get sober, get serious, say sorry – but you can. can’t force the universe to give you a baby that your body told you all along was impossible. Weak animals die in the woods as their pack mates run ahead. Bad eggs hatch no. You can’t force nature. ”

The actress no longer wishes to be silent on the subject

In an interview with People magazine following the publication of her essay, Lena Dunham revealed how difficult the past few months have been: “This trip has made me rethink what motherhood will be like. IVF destroyed my body. – as a woman who tends to rampant endometriosis, fill my body with estrogen … And because of what my body has been through, subjecting it to such excruciating pain, only to come to the end and learn that these eggs weren’t viable after working so hard through illness and discomfort and going through anxiety and depression, it’s clearly not something I can ever repeat. ” Not wishing that any subject remains taboo, the actress added: “My entire career, what seemed to me to be a determining factor in many ways was this thought: ‘What can I do to normalize difficult subjects where many women can feel that they are alone going through this when it is universal? ‘”A speech that will surely resonate with many women …

Lena Dunham © Zuma Press

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