Valérie Pécresse had to get her claws out on the set of On est en direct, this Saturday, January 8. The presidential candidate has indeed faced the frankness and biting known and recognized of Léa Salamé.

The journalist from France 2 quickly came to the campaign of the former deputy and thus gave her opinion, being somewhat interrupted by the latter who was far from being impressed. The repartee was there.

“Don’t you have a hard time existing?”

Léa Salamé started off on top of the wheels with a rhetorical question, before being interrupted for the first time: “Didn’t you get a little wrong Valérie Pécresse campaign? I’m looking at you, I’m watching you for a few months, you actually won the primary … “,” So I got the wrong campaign by winning the primary? ” asked the politician, to whom the journalist replied: “No! You won the primary, it was a surprise …”, “So maybe I ran a good Madame Salamé campaign then?” once again retorted Valérie Pécresse.

After further interventions from the presidential candidate, Léa Salamé, somewhat annoyed, continued, this time going to the end of her thought: “My question if you allow me to finish my reasoning, I I’m going to try to finish it … […] In this campaign there aren’t you too wise, too polite, too discreet? Don’t you have trouble existing? “. To which the concerned replied that the French “needed serenity and tranquility”.

Laurent Ruquier, amused, for his part enjoyed the show.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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