At the Tony Awards on June 12, actress and singer Lea Michele, 35, performed at New York’s Radio City Music Hall with her Spring Awakening co-stars. During this appearance, Internet users could not contain their indignation, reports Indeed, the young woman arrived on stage with a darker tan than her usual complexion. Which suggests an exaggerated fake tan, again according to the magazine. On the web, the look of the 35-year-old singer is highly criticized. Some even joke that the actress who played Rachel Berry on Glee “dressed up as the Kardashians.” Others push further by accusing him of “blackfishing”, without forgetting to underline the accusations of racism against the young woman before.

Remember that we speak of blackfishing when a “white person uses tanning products, makeup, hairstyles or other surgical remedies to appropriate black culture”. And the accusations going in this direction are multiplying on social networks. “Lea Michele going blackfishing after being accused of racism throughout her career is exactly the kind of irony I expected from her,” wrote one user.

Unrecognizable Lea Michele: From critics to critics

That fake tan isn’t the only controversial topic for the 35-year-old star. Indeed, many are convinced that Lea Michele would be on the verge of depression following her decline in 2020. A source at reports that this plunge follows numerous accusations of intimidation on the set of the famous series. musical television show Glee: burping in the face of an actor, calling several extras “cockroaches”, committing “micro-aggressions” on his black co-stars.

The reactions of some of his colleagues will not improve his situation. The singer and dancer Marcus S. Daniel had also declared that the young woman was “abusive, rude, condescending and often downright cruel”. Broadway stunt double Gerard Canonico even calls working with Lea Michele a “nightmare.” Others are indignant that she was able to get another contract despite her character and personality.

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