On display in Incredible but true, to be released in theaters on June 15, Léa Drucker embodies a woman obsessed with old age. A role against the tide of her own thoughts, as she confides in the columns of Madame Figaro, she who has experienced the transition to the transition to fifty: “It was even exhilarating! This idea of ​​half-time in the life pleases me well. I had not liked the course of the quarantine, but fortunately, my daughter was born shortly after and her birth gave birth to me a second time”.

Despite everything, the actress would not say no to cosmetic surgery, but under certain conditions: “I find that we should not make people feel guilty, because surgery can soften the time that passes for some”, begins. her by declaring. “Afterwards, when you’re an actor, you have to be careful: facial expressions remain our working tool and we have to succeed in preserving authenticity. Frances McDormand is the dazzling actress that she is, because in particular, she has this integrity with respect to time”.

Léa Drucker: “Time has been my ally”

Moreover, this relationship with time, Léa Drucker mentioned it during this interview: “Time has been my ally. Personally, it has allowed me to build myself, because I did not go like an arrow at 20. The path was slower, sometimes difficult, but it brought me a lot and the accidents of life gave me time to build a family life when I had not imagined it before. But I can sometimes find it hard to age physically. For us actresses, it’s all the more complicated because we spend a lot of time looking at each other in spite of ourselves”. Touching confidences for the one who evokes her past but also her present, without filter.

Léa Drucker © Pierre Perusseau


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