Reassuring news… For more than a year, Laurent Weil has been absent from the Canal+ antenna, to the chagrin of viewers. Monday, October 10, 2022, Laurie Cholewa gave an interview to TV Mag on the occasion of the charity concert Their voice for hope, for the benefit of research against pancreatic cancer. After explaining that communication around the event was sometimes complicated, the host gave news of Laurent Weil. “Frankly, he is getting better and better. He has gone through very difficult things. He really wants to come back and the group too, so we have hope. He has to come back when he is really ready and when he can. to do his job in the best possible way. Besides, it’s the best way to pay tribute to him,” she said.

After specifying that he missed him a lot, Laurie Cholewa said: “He is really a friend and the best partner you can hope for when you do this job. I hope he comes back. All in all case, we will do everything to put him back in the saddle.” Very busy, the host indicated that she regretted not going to see her friend more often. In all transparency, the young woman slipped: “It’s true that time flies. I’m a mother of two young children and I realize that I haven’t seen him since the start of the school year. I blame myself . It goes by too quickly. I should go see him more regularly. But I’m checking in on him. I’m writing to his family too. I’m calling him because when he started up, he didn’t have his cell phone, now he has his cell phone. But it’s getting better and better.” Tuesday September 14, 2022, at the microphone of Sud Radio, she had already clarified: “I don’t know when he will return exactly, but he is getting better and better. It is progressing in the right direction. I know that he really wants to work again, in any case, we warm up to him.”

Laurie Cholewa: ‘I miss Laurent a lot’

In March 2022, in the columns of Télé Star, the host had confided: “I do not want to speak on behalf of his family, but he is resting and should return soon. I am delighted, because I miss Laurent a lot. ” For TV Mag, in October 2021, she said: “He is resting and I hope he will come back very, very quickly. In any case, I miss him a lot. Laurent Weil is one of the meetings of my TV life. We were scared, but it will be fine, he will come back.” During the 2021 edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the pretty brunette was accompanied by Didier Allouch. While the duo had raised questions, it was live that Laurie Cholewa had confided: “We especially think very strongly of Laurent Weil who cannot be with us this evening, following a health problem. All the management of Canal + joins us to tell him how much we love him, how much we miss him. We would like him to be here tonight, but we are sure he will be back soon.”

Laurent Weil sick: the journalist "has been through difficult things" according to his friend Laurie Cholewa

Laurent Weil and Laurie Cholewa © OLIVIER BORDE

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