It was discovered in a new light during its last public outings. Prince Laurent of Belgium appeared with many pounds less. And for good reason, it went from 134 to 102 kilos. An incredible loss of 32 kilos that the brother of King Philippe recounted in the daily Heat Laatste Nieuws. The 58-year-old prince explained that he just realized he had to lose weight to stay fit and healthy. He also did it in order to feel better about himself. “I felt fat and ugly,” he said bluntly in the Flemish newspaper.

But what is Prince Laurent’s secret to operating his metamorphosis? The answer is quite simple, as the brother of the King of the Belgians confided. “My diet? Just eat less. Sometimes I wanted to eat my pillows out of hunger, but I really had to get rid of those extra pounds. “So he stuck it out and still sticks to reasonable amounts of food today.” ‘a 300 gram plate of spaghetti, I now eat a 50 gram plate, “he said, for example.

Prince Laurent: “One day, a woman told me that I was ugly and fat.”

Prince Laurent, a cyclist, has also returned to sport on a regular basis. “I walk more and every now and then I jump on my bike. It makes me feel better than ever, because being fat is very bad for your health. One day a woman told me that I was ugly and fat. . I thought she was right. It wasn’t hard to hear because it was just the truth. “

It was also important for the prince to take charge of himself because he was recently infected with Covid-19. He would therefore likely have suffered more from the virus if he had remained obese. In addition, Laurent from Belgium also has a history of respiratory problems since he was plunged into an artificial coma in 2014, while being treated for pneumonia. Medical problems that made the prince realize that it was essential to take care of his body.

Prince Laurent of Belgium © Frederic Andrieu

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