Laurent Baffie traumatized: the day his parents watched him die with his sister without knowing it

When it comes to sharp jokes, Laurent Baffie knows how to be talkative. He is less so when it comes to talking about his private life. It is therefore all with modesty and emotion that the 63-year-old comedian returned to a highlight of his childhood that could have cost him his life. Invited in the Cul Sec program, broadcast on Youtube this Monday, November 22, he told a terrible anecdote to Morgane VS. While vacationing on a beach in Italy, the very young Laurent Baffie (3 years old) and his big sister (5 years old) jumped into the water to go swimming alone, despite the presence of a red flag. As the two children waded into the sea, swimming quickly turned into a nightmare, as he explains on the show. “And there we fall into the hole, I cling to my sister, but she does not have the level to save me, and I drown my sister,” he said.

Trapped, the brother and sister then try to warn their parents who remained on the beach. But the latter do not seem receptive to their distress signals. “We see our parents on the beach who say hi to us because they think we are waving to them. And there you are dying,” Laurent Baffie recalled. Fortunately, the ordeal of the two children did not escape the vigilance of a lifeguard, who rushed into the water to rescue them. Back on dry land, the two children try as best they can to recover from their emotions. “We were puffing up sand, water, whatever you want. We were really close to death,” concluded Laurent Baffie.

Laurent Baffie’s physical metamorphosis

Absent from the media for some time, Laurent Baffie reappeared recently on the program On est en direct, on October 30. A return that challenged viewers, extremely surprised by the physical transformation of the comedian. Indeed, while his head was slightly bald a few years ago, this time he had a haircut with really thick hair. But that’s not all, his face also seemed to have undergone some retouching. A metamorphosis on which Laurent Baffie returned on November 3 on the Culture media platform on Europe 1. “I had hair implants two years ago. I also made my bags under my eyes because I was doing it. looked tired all the time and people told me I was sick. And since I’m hypercondriac I couldn’t stand it, “he explained.

Laurent Baffie © COADIC GUIREC

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