A fulfilled mother. Laurence Boccolini is a French radio and television host, screenwriter and actress, who is no longer presented. On the private side, she married in July 2004 with Mickaël Fakaïlo, from whom she has since been divorced. For several years, she tried to have a child, without success and shared her experience in a book published in 2008. It was in November 2013 that she welcomed her little girl named Willow and who fills her with happiness. She agreed to confide in her in the columns of Nous Deux this Tuesday, January 4. “We are super fusional”, she first admitted before adding: “She does not give a damn about my job. She still does not understand what I do”. Subsequently, Laurence Boccolini indicated that she was in a “funny mother-daughter relationship. We make Tik Tok videos. We don’t publish them, but we like doing that together. She is still very” cuddly “and, in at the same time, she is very independent, so proximity is rarer, “she continued. What particularly affects her? A compliment that Willow was able to give him. “She gave me one of the most beautiful compliments in my eyes: she finds me funny”, concluded Laurence Boccolini, moved by this confidence.

A spoiled little girl. Willow is the greatest happiness of her mother but also of the program candidates. Indeed, Laurence Boccolini indicated that many are those who have attentions for her daughter. “I am sent the attentions of the candidates after their passage on the set. They make cakes, create very cute things, like necklaces or cuddly toys for her, and for me,” she explained first. Delighted, she then assured: “It’s adorable. It is rotten spoiled by the candidates. But that does not help them to win,” laughed Laurence Boccolini. Last December, the host confided in the columns of Télé 7 jours. She had explained how important it was to her to find time for Willow. “My weeks are busy, but I always make time for her,” she said before referring to her own experience: “As far as I can remember, I have missed my mother all the time. I didn’t want that for my daughter, ”she concluded. Thus, Laurence Boccolini organizes her schedule according to the needs of her daughter, in order to be present by her side.

Laurence Boccolini Why doesn’t she want Willow to have her last name?

In the columns of Télé 7 jours, Laurence Boccolini had mentioned Willow and in particular the reason why the little girl does not bear her last name. “Her name is not Boccolini, and for me, it is very important. Her story does not belong to me, I do not want her to blame me, one day, for having exposed her too much”, had- she first confided. “When I explain to her that some might annoy her because she is my daughter, she doesn’t always understand. When she was little, she was afraid of people who came to see me, hugged me or kissed me. made her very uncomfortable “, remembered the host before adding:” And that, I do not want her to live it badly, because she did not choose to have a mediatized mother “. It is therefore to protect her that Laurence Boccolini made this decision.

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