“I hope she doesn’t hold it against me.” In August 2020, Alain Bernard said “yes” to Faustine, his partner who works as a graphic web designer, and whom he married in Antibes during a discreet ceremony. A slogan concerning the private life of the Olympic champion, who is not the type to express himself on his matters of the heart. Except one, which he soberly revealed in his autobiography, My Olympic Destiny. In this book, he thus reveals having shared the life of Laure Manaudou for a time, for a “love affair” which dates back to 2006, and which until then remained secret. But no less important for the swimmer.

“It’s a very brief little story with Laure, who gave me wings for a while, but very quickly it stopped”, he thus confided again on LCI, Tuesday November 16th. Words that echo the recent revelations of Alain Bernard in the columns of the Parisian, who had more poured out on this past idyll which is now a lot of talk. “I was one of her courtiers, it’s true. I didn’t even tell her about it before I wrote it. She makes her life, me mine, and at the same time, that’s what’s happening. is past and there is nothing derogatory, “he said, while Laure Manaudou for his part did not react to this revelation.

How did Alain Bernard meet his wife?

However, if this relationship is now a thing of the past, Alain Bernard did not hide his bitterness over how it ended, rather abruptly. “We had this little secret affair which lasted a few weeks and it went from rooster to donkey going out with his Italian (Luca Marin, editor’s note) arriving from the European championships”. Result, after this brief story, Laure Manaudou “no longer calculated” the swimmer “overnight”, as he said, he who is now happy with his wife Faustine, met in 2015 through a friend common, before stumbling across her on a dating app.

Alain Bernard © Bruno Bebert

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